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Reporting inaccurate revenues on $MIXT which means other data may be suspect too

Extreme Value Investor 1 year ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 1 year ago 1

The revenue results from whatever source you are procuring data from reports erroneous information on $MIXT. For Fiscal 2019, your site reports $144 million but the company only reported $118 million that year. https://seekingalpha.com/pr/17510642-mix-telematics-announces-financial-results-fourth-quarter-preliminary-results-full-fiscal

As such, your site inaccurately states $MIXT revenue decreased 5% from Fiscal 2018 to 2019. Instead, revenue grew 15% YoY. Unfortunately the service provider you trust for this service has bad data. Other providers such as  S&P Capital IQ include the same data sets in their Comstock reports licensed for distribution. 

Whether the service provider employed by both of your firms may be a premiere source for financial information in this industry, their data sets cannot be relied upon. And we have previously reported on your definition of Free Cash Flow, which differs from traditional standards.

Under review


It's very possible the discrepancy is due to currency conversion. S&P Capital IQ have the same  R1,712.5 million figure which the company converts to ($118.3 million). CapIQ uses the historical exchange rate which you can see below.