Article recovery

CVC Research 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Editor Abby Carmel 3 years ago 4

I unfortunately clicked somewhere and thus lost an article that I had almost fully updated and was ready to submit. First, why was they a button that deleted my changes and to source code, 2) can you please my article as written ~5 mins ago? (Yea I know, I didn't save, but I also don't expect SA to randomly lose my article). THx, lemme. know. Its was my article on Axcelis (ACLS).



We don't store backups. However, we have a new article submissions interface (currently in Beta) which uses auto-save. This new interface should be released within a few weeks.



Ok so no backups. Gotcha. How do I see status of pending articles? It's been a while since I've written a new one.

I appreciate the response. Seems like the changes will be a big positive step forward; I just re-wrote what I lost in my article that was submitting; between deleting and re-writing I decided on the latter FYI. 

I've only actually starting writing again for the first time in almost 2 yrs; what is the current wait time before review/publishing? 24 hrs? Longer? Thanks. Best, CVC

Hi CVC - Current wait times are somewhat shorter than they used to be. On regular business days (unlike market holidays, like today), you can expect up to ~12 hour turnaround, and often same-day review if submitted in the morning. Weekends can take longer; please allow up to ~48 hour turnaround. For any extra assistance you may need in getting back into things, feel free to reach out to me - acarmel@seekingalpha.com.