Membership Issue BUG - Not able to use paid subscription

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Every time I try to login to my paid subscription for Market Pinball Wizard, I am taken to a page that lets me sign in and then it shows me how to sign up for the Market Pinball Wizard. 

I have lost all ability to use/communicate in the chatroom for Market Pinball Wizard!!!!!

This happened after I followed your instructions to update my Android phone application and it also had the same negative result on my laptop.  I've paid $99 for the Market PB Wizard on the 13th of every month for two months and today is the 22nd of August, so I am paid up through September 13th.

It appears that when I updated my Android APP, it completely forgot that I paid for my subscription - do you need to refresh something?  

It does show me as logged in on my laptop, and I have logged out and back in again.  I UNINSTALLED the SA app on my Android and reinstalled it - still doesn't let me go to the chatroom through MARKETPLACE.

I have no access to the chatroom and that is the best feature of the Market PB Wizard!  


Talked with SA support at 1-646-568-7592.  They agreed there was a problem, AND I was told the MPW Chatroom was down.