Stocks vanish off Earnings Calendar after earnings are reported, please keep them on the calendar for quick access

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Please keep stocks on the Earnings Calendar (at least temporarily, maybe a week) to have quick access to ER's that just reported. Currently, stock ER Dates move around, sometimes drastically, making it hard to pinpoint when a company has or will report. Once a stock has reported we are given a day on the calendar before it is deleted. So if a stock's ER changes we might miss seeing where and when it really reported. 

I like the Earnings Calendar, it links the stock to its Earning Summary, but we might miss the true date of reporting if the date switches and then must do more work to find that info.

Calendars are good to see what is on the horizon AND also see the past! 


Yes, I strongly agree and it was doing that until recent.  I would like to see the roll back of this feature to have all the past earnings links available along with the future.  

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Are you referring to the earnings on the general earnings calendar or the calendar on your personal portfolio?