stock fraud related to Seeking Alpha articles

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    In a recent SA article entitled, "Farmland Partners, Inc. (FPI) CEO Paul Pittman on Q2 2019 Results - Earnings Call Transcript", Paul Pittman, CEO of FPI, stated that, "...RF and his co-conspirators engaged in a scheme to profit from fraud....they come up with an idea, they put on a bunch of short positions, they pay Rota Fortunae to write this article that Seeking Alpha publishes and they hope to hit a home run, which they did on us and dumped their short position into the panic. It is classic stock fraud, it is nothing else." 

   These seem to be very significant accusations.  Shouldn't the editors of Seeking Alpha comment on this?

George Moriarty
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Thank you for the note. The company has made several statements of this sort since the publication of the article, but they have not followed up with evidence to inform an investigation. Here is the note at the top of the article that provides the status of their rebuttal: 

Editor's note: Farmland Partners rebutted this article in the form of a press release issued July 17. Seeking Alpha became aware of the statement July 18. In response, the author made limited factual corrections to the article on July 19. The corrections addressed (1) a discussion of FFO in relation to preferred dividends, which had mistakenly referenced AFFO; and (2) recognition of loan interest revenue. At the time of the update, Farmland Partners had not contacted Seeking Alpha."

As of now, there has been no change regarding that information.