Please change color of membership levels!

sts66 6 months ago in Website updated by Abe Raxas 5 months ago 3

Today I noticed that there are new labels next to usernames in the comments section to articles - authors appear to have "Marketplace Guide" highlighted in a blue box, while "Essential" and "Pro+" members are highlighted by an orange box. When I search the comments section for new comments my eyes automatically look for the orange highlighted "New" logo, but now there are two other logos that are also orange - that makes quickly finding new comments almost impossible. Please change the color of those two new logos or change the color of "New" to something else!

I dont like these tags period, what is the point? 


Thanks for your comment. This will be corrected in a few weeks. 

AGREED!.............come on this should have been fixed by now! Make the color green or purple, but not the same color as the "new" flag!!!!!