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pre-market summary email format hard to read

AlanMcBee 3 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago 1

I want this email, but I dread reading it because it's too hard to scan.

Here's why: the stock symbol for each article or release has no spacing before the title of the article. I have to focus MUCH harder on the list than it should take for a scan to see whether any articles are important to me.

Here's an example from today's email:

Focus articles

QCOMNXP Semi: An Overlooked Balance Sheet Item Could Lead To A Higher Offer by Brad Kenagy

QCOMNXP: 3 Scenarios To A Merger Arb With Limited Downside by Otzar Capital Advisors

AMZNAmazon: Best Play On Our Future Of Retail And Public Cloud by Artur Shubaev

TSLATesla: Model 3 Or Model T? by Kevin Wenck, CFA

TSLATesla: Model 3 Bad Timing? by Bill Maurer

The color difference helps only a very small amount. Please separate the symbol from the title!

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This is what I'm seeing:

Does yours look differently? If so, what email program are you using?