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Problems iwth the financial statements.

barbglad 11 months ago in Website updated 11 months ago 2

Why do you have the financial statements with text formatting for numbers? I try to work with this and get screwy answers and DIV/0. I can't always find the little box to change the text to numbers but I know there is an error somewhere.  Is it possible to set the financial statements to numbers only? Also the first column of the financial statements has some additional words and numbers where the type of data (i.e. Revenue etc) is.  I've been able to remove that but why is it there?  I wish I didn't have to remove that every time.

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The extra text seems like a new bug which we will fix ASAP. In terms of the number formatting, it looks fine to me. What formula are you applying to the cell? I'll try and reproduce the issue.



I copy the Income Statement, Balance Sheet & CF Statement into my personal model using highlight, copy, then paste into the model.  When I do that, it is pasted in text format and there is usually a little button on the left side of the cell that allows the text format to be converted to number format.  Sometimes that little number format button is not there and I have difficulty with getting it.  If it is not in number format the formulas in the model don't work.  Yesterday I closed the program, rebooted the computer and then the little button did appear and I could change it.

I have no idea why you would put the statements up with text format for the numbers.  It just creates unnecessary work,  If you feel you have to publish them in text format requiring conversion to numbers, perhaps you can tell me a way to convert the numbers to number format not using the button if it doesn't show up.  I have tried applying various number formats in Excel and they don't work.  I would also like to know what VBA code I might use to convert the text numbers to number format numbers and perhaps I can make a macro to do that.  Thank you very much.   If you need a visual of this I don't see how I can attach a clip of what is going on, so if you give me an email to send you a clip of this I will send you that.