API / Data Collection

ryancarlow 1 year ago in Website updated 1 year ago 1

Hello I am writing a personal dividend growth projection software (for personal use, not commercial or even shared with friends, just for my own calculations) in Python, and I want to know if I am allowed to scrape the website for past dividend information. 

If so, is there a REST API or something similar that I can use to make the process smoother and more reliable, thank you.

Also to add more information, the software would request data from the dividend history page once a month at most, for between 100-2000 stocks to find the best projected dividend growth stocks based on estimates.

That means it would basically open the dividend history page for different stocks 1 time a month, up to 2000 times in total per month (but probably more likely ~500 or less times per quarter - equivalent to a regular website visitor going to 500 pages in a quarter)