emails are formatted too big for window

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emails to Outlook 2019 are formatted too big for the active window.  Text and images (including your ads) run off the right side of the window used to view Seeking Alpha emails.  This forces me to slide right and left throughout the email if I want to read the text or view images.

The reason for this is that "I think" you're expecting the viewing window to be maximized to the full size of the screen.  The fix would be to look at the size of the window used to open the email, instead of basing the rendering off the size of the screen.  Below is a screen capture of the window (with my email address removed).

Image 11982



Thank you for bringing this to our attention and apologies for the cumbersome user experience, that you encountered today. We have discovered is that Outlook does not read the resize image portion of the email code correctly, where as other email providers do recognize the script. The operations department will strive to create these creative executions with manually resized images moving forward, which will prevent this from happening again.

Best regards,

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations

Seeking Alpha


Is anyone doing anything to fix this?  I'm using Outlook 2019 and Seeking Alpha is the only email service which has this problem.  No other emails I receive are malformed where the text doesn't fit inside the reading window.