"Track comments" Button is unchecking ITSELF or SA is unchecking and not telling us

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I ticked/grayed out "Track Comments" on a number of articles. I KNOW they're being followed as new comments on these articles will result in notifications/direct messages under the "alarm bell" next to my image on the upper right. Yet when I go to the article and read the new comments, the "track comments" area is NOT grayed out/does not show it's been followed and I can click it and turn it gray. 

Is this a game SA is playing to dishonestly and invisibly, i.e., without informing its users, limit even further the continuing usefulness of the site? So that unless you notice and RECHECK/REGRAY the follow comments area EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU GO TO READ A COMMENT you will find yourself without further access to these articles?

If so FOR SHAME. If not, then be aware of this SERIOUS code glitch that will have the same DISHONEST EFFECT unless you correct it immediately.

SA Admin Daniel Hochman
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Can you please share an article link which you clicked "Track Comments" and it doesn't say "Tracking Comments" at the top of the comment stream? If you are getting alerts when new comments are posted that means you are tracking the comments.




Daniel/Seeking Alpha - First and foremost, thank you for listening and responding.

As far as I can tell with several checks, it appears that the problem has fixed itself. Yay! (It was definitely happening however, and given the changes to SA this kind of thing matters even more as note.)

However ... new issue. $BJK is an ETF that has been around since January 2, 2008. Yet no matter what you do on Seeking Alpha you only get Data/Price from May 2, 2016 which is HIGHLY misleading given the Vix of this ETF. Not the first time I've seen such a thing on SA either. So can someone please figure out why this is happening? Since I've owned it for many years I KNOW the data is wrong. Yes if one scrolls down far enough for several pages you will find articles from pre 2016, but noobs to SA or the ETF or investing may not realize this.

Thanks for paying attention to this kind of thing. It really matters.

Allison D.B. Liebowitz, Esq.

SA Jacob Maltz
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Allison, Thanks for the heads up on BJK. The problem is with our data vendor and we opened a ticket with them.