I knew it would happen, many of your contributors have now switched to pay subscriptions which defeats the purpose of Seeking Allpha, most disappointed!

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SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman
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Hi Mountie,

Thanks for the message. Sorry to hear about your disappointment.

Are there any authors you are specifically disappointed by, and how so? When you say this defeats the purpose of Seeking Alpha, what do you mean, and do you have any examples?

It's a tricky balance between finding the right business model, and then between making it work. We went the subscription route because we thought it would support better content, since writers could get compensation without chasing only the most popular stocks, which usually is counter to good investing. And why we are always monitoring the balance between free and paid, what I've noticed so far is that authors tend to write more on Seeking Alpha as they join the Marketplace, as they need to get people to see their work and consider signing up for more.

Looking forward to hearing from you, as we value thoughtful feedback to help us get the balance right.