Your choice of advertising for this mornings Wall Street Breakfast: Greenback Turns Positive For 2018.

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SHAME ON YOU GUYS!  To make a few bucks more you ran an ad this morning entitled

"Crooked Hillary".  If you want to push the Republican Party and Trump by printing this bullshit, then I don't need to read your column.  Thought you were better than this.



Thank you for bringing this to our intention.

In order to be able to upkeep our business model we have to partner with third party advertising solutions, through which we have strong advertising content blocks in place. It seems that this one has slipped through the net.

We should have political content blocked as standard, so we have reached out to our partner to request that they check their blocks and remove this immediately.

Apologies and thanks again for reaching out, feedback really helps us to seek and destroy these types of ads.

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations