Would like to block articles from certain authors

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Anytime an author posts an article on a stock or ETF in my SA "Portfolio," it comes up in my portfolio feed. I would like have a setting such that I will never see articles from certain authors. To clarify, I'm not concerned about the "comments" section, just the articles. 

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Increasing signal to noise ratio is important and can save a lot of time. I agree with Shane, an "ignore comments" button would be very helpful.

An "ignore contributor" button can also be very helpful. I get a notification each time a contributor writes about the companies I follow - which is helpful. However, there are some contributors who write a vast amount of little researched reports to spread rumours or talk the companies up/down. I'd be happy to block those contributors entirely from any feed I get.

I would assume such tool would also help SA to determine the good contributors from the bad and ugly. A high follower-to-blocker ratio could unmask the ugly contributors early which could save SA members valuable time.

Thanks for creating this great community


Ditto, threads are often hijacked by inflammatory noise and this discourages quality discussion.


I'm not sure about your point. You can ignore any comment now by just not reading.


I do read much less of SA now than I used to. ;-) Too much noise.

edit: I'd add, it's pretty easy to ignore _all_ comments by not reading, but that's not what I'm going for. Some comments are very good. Hence the focus on signal to noise.


Can you review this request quicker please?


It is appropriate to discuss the effect of laws and regulations on investments (e.g., Dodd-Frank, EPA clean air regulations, etc.). Was is not acceptable is allowing authors to insert ad hominem comments about politicians, celebrities, etc. This is very distracting, diminishes the quality of Seeking Alpha and unfortunately appears to be increasing. The author's views on individuals is unwanted "noise".

At the present time, an "Abuse" button is provided for comments. I strongly suggest that such a button be provided for articles so that offensive and inappropriate articles can be brought to the attention of Seeking Alpha quickly and easily.


I agree with above. A particular poster essentially took over an article written about CBI. Clearly has an axe to grind and provided little to zero value. It would be great to block that person's comments--Yahoo finance had this feature.


i strongly agree that there needs to be a functionality to block specific authors. As the previous poster mentioned, Santos is a great example of a guy who constantly posts garbage probably trying to generate as many clicks as he can. its a frustrating waste of time getting to know who these guys are and then ignore them manually.

Under review


We are actively talking about building such a feature. We would likely start with the ability to block specific authors from email alerts. For example, if you follow tickers on Seeking Alpha, but you don't like a specific author you can block them. You would continue to get email alerts but you would not get an alert if that specific author wrote an article on a stock you follow.

Would you find that helpful?


I'm not the original requestor but came here looking for this feature. I turn off all email alerts anyway because they are too annoying. I just don't want to see certain authors in my feed.


Yes. I would love to block specific authors.  I recently noticed a lot of Jim Cramer videos from CNBC. I would love to block those. I do not want a video of cramer. I READ SA, if i want to watch CNBC i can go to their web site or watch the TV.


This feature is now live. You should see a Mute button next to authors now. Also, we are working on enabling "Mute" for CNBC videos.


Please!  Some of these writers and editors are useless or worse, misleading.  I have a rather large portfolio and getting trash constantly from people who can't math or even read transcripts makes me waste too much time.  Though my portfolio keeps growing, the time I spend on SA is dwindling.


Thank you for the quick response Daniel.

I was thinking more along the lines of blocking articles a contributor created from the list of articles that are displayed

for my portfolio.

I guess what I am saying is it's a function more along the lines of an IGNORE button for the contributor.

This was a feature on the YAHOO message boards you could use to block trolls as an example.

Let me be clear I don't think any of the SA contributors are trolls.


Under review

We'll add this to our list of potential futures we develop in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.


I strongly agree.  An ignore feature so not to have to look through and see the ramblings of certain idiots that you've allowed access to your site is long overdue.  The quality of the content would be greatly enhanced with this feature.  Why are you waiting?


Incredible suggestion, came here to post the same thing. Haven't visited SA as frequently due to article spam over the years as more and more people churn out garbage articles every other day about popular/large cap stocks.

Yea, I have QQQ and SPY in my SA "portfolio," and certain authors post repetitive articles predicting gloom and doom once or even twice a day. Would like to be able to block them.

I want the ability to block other users or I will have to stop using the site.Abusive short sellers spreading lies,and political garbage that should not be there.Some abusive people will post 30 negative things in each article just to piss people off.

I'm having the same issue with one contributor who I "unfollowed" but still get multiple notices every day of his articles (he or his team is prolific). No issues with others that I have unfollowed. 

Under review


If you are still getting emails from a specific author, simply click "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email. This issue is different than the original request to block specific authors.




Just to clarify, my question was supposed to be:  "Does Seeking Alpha have the functionality to allow me to BLOCK posters from my Inbox?"...If not, I would like to request a button be added to allow individuals to have a BLOCK function....

We don't yet have this feature and I'll merge this request with the main one.


CAn you guys please add an IGNORE feature?  I have no interest in daytraders and they are rampan on this site, trying to scare investors when stocks go down.  I'd rather ingore them than argue with them.

We've been asking for this for YEARS. 


It almost feels like SA supports empowering trolls.  Please give me an ignore button.  So many threads on SA have trolls and it'd be so nice to turn them off.  There are so many good comments here, it's a shame to not read through the comment section, but many comments are becoming increasingly unpleasant and non-constructive.

To be clear:  I read less SA than I otherwise would because I can't ignore some commenters.  They drive me away.

Any progress on this feature? It would also be nice if it applied to comments.


I understand the anti troll empowerment side of the argument.  My 2 cents... an ignore button, stops or filters information, both good and bad.  Successful conveyance (viz. encryption keys or the telephone) usually requires a duplex mode of communication as knowledge is not imparted by osmosis and not even the best teachers in the world are mind readers. Pressing the ignore button, like hanging up, defeats that duplex mode.

I know little, and what I do not know is immense. Those who think they know everything, prove they know nothing. Even the village idiot has a voice. Practitioners of conscious ignorance click the ignore button, because that's what an ignoramus would be expected to do.  Their blissful ignorance is their own choice and no one else's.  

IMHO society as a whole has a huge problem with those who choose to be ignorant despite the best efforts of others. All one need do to exemplify this is look at the political rhetoric du jour, and the rise of populism.  Ignoring a problem does not make it go away.  Martin Niemoller attests to that fact. 

At the end of the day… resisting your natural way of being can be unhealthy, and as there is no pill for ignorance either, choosing to click the ignore button would seem to be apropos in perpetuating self induced or conscious ignorance.  On that note, we shall leave the ignorant, where they are and wish to remain… Out. (Pun intended)     “Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.”  - Albert Camus


Nattering Naybob,  I'm not advocating ignorance.  I'm advocating the ability to improve the signal to noise ratio.  It doesn't take many posts by someone who somehow turns every comment about a company I follow into political commentary for me to realize there's no signal there, and there are good comments I want to see. 

I fail to see any harm, and see large benefit to filtering that type of nonsense.  Maybe you're much better at managing noise, but for me it is a detriment to my entire process.  It's for the same reason that I do not watch CNBC or watch much TV in general.  I'm not trying to be ignorant, but I've found it doesn't help and I am making a decision as to what is signal, and what is unhelpful, or even bad-behavior-incenting, noise.

I'm trying to be a better investor, and curating the quality of the input into my scope of attention is part of that process.  Call me consciously ignorant if you choose.


Agreed, Shane.  Despite attempts to ensure intellectual democracy in forcing everyone to be exposed to everyone else's comments, drivel, rants, etc., you don't need to see certain comments like "TRUMP IN 2020" repeatedly to figure out that the poster really has nothing of value to say, and the chances of missing some brilliant missive from that poster is not risking eternal stupidity.  In any event, despite Naybob's vainglorious plea to let every soul shriek it's pain to the rest of us, having the ability to simply ignore anyone of OUR choosing is the right way to go.



I'm tired of wasting time reading some very poorly reasoned posts and political ideology posts posing as investment and trading ideas. I have stopped tracking certain tickers because of this.

Hey, Jonathan Liss, still waiting. Where are we in the development queue? 

I hear ya. I can promise you that this is being discussed at the highest levels of the company. Not quite ready for dev yet but we'll get there

As we think about this in the SA product team, I had a question for everyone who would like us to add muting to the site. When you mute someone, which of the following 6 options would you want to occur?

1. You wouldn't see their comments on articles;

2. You wouldn't see their StockTalks on your portfolio or in the overall portfolio stream (https://seekingalpha.com/account/portfolio/stocktalk);

3. You wouldn't get email alerts about articles by them on stocks in your portfolio; 

4. You wouldn't see articles by them on your portfolio in the latest tab

5. You wouldn't see articles by them on your portfolio in the articles tab (seekingalpha.com/account/portfolio/articles);

6. You wouldn't see articles by them on quote pages (eg. seekingalpha.com/symbol/TWTR).

Thanks for helping with this!

I would opt for the nuclear option.  Items 1 through 6.  Each reader is completely capable of making up their own minds about who and what content they want to see.  If, for example, I don't want to see an author's articles, then I have decided that I'm not interested in that author's thought process or investing technique and if I then choose to ignore that author completely, that's my choice even if he/she might at some point post something noteworthy.  As the reader, that's the risk I take in censoring someone's words from my sight.  If I don't want to read someone's slant in their articles, I would not be interested in reading their slant in their comments on other articles either.  

Take this for whatever it's worth, I'm deleting my account today anyway (attempting to, that is, since there seems to be a bug in the "delete account" setting).  

all 6 nothing from them ever again!


Merging these two threads together. Would love to hear more thoughts on David's question above.


I agree, 1 through 6 is what I want.  If I choose to ignore someone, I mean it.  I don't want to see anything by them, about them, or associated with them.


I would really enjoy a mute/block feature so that the same posters who hijack threads can be ignored without interrupting a usually informative discussion. I'm looking for a block comments by certain posters feature, that would be a huge improvement for my experience on SA.

The OP wants to "block articles from certain authors".

I agree.  There are certain prolific, low data, click baiting authors I just dont want to see cluttering up my feed.

On the mobile app there is a X button you can press to get them out of your sight, but does not stop new articles.  Even this on the web site would be a step forward.


They have obviously decided not to do anything, but won't say so. 


I agree, certain authors are just a waste of my time. Would like to just get them out of the way.

today it is Hedgeeye   3 articles tagged with MLP CEF's I follow that are showing up in my feed that are macro articles that have nothing to do w MLPs or CEF's or the specific tickers I follow..   let us block contributors if we want to   Bea

ditto on the hedgeye junk.

absolutely nothing to do with my portfolio, however my equities are tagged.

3 of them in a row that have nothing to do with me.


SA employees, please simply admit that you have no interest in this problem, have not taken any action and never will.  Honesty is the best policy.


Hi Larry,

We are actually actively working on adding this as part of our subscription products.

Like the article by George Schneider where he puts a positive spin on predatory behavior:

Retirement Security: Confessions Of A Serial Stock Predator

I hope SA realizes that their publishing articles that were prescreened for publication would open them up for a class-action lawsuit. 

I've been a reader here at SA for a few years. Just recently I came across such a vile, angry miserable person on the comments, that I would like it if I never, ever see that person again on SA.

There's another thread with this request that we've been keeping active for over a year:


The last reply from SA was
"We are actually actively working on adding this as part of our subscription products."

I just don't understand SA.  It's like their management and developers are on a totally different planet than we users.  "As part of the subscription products." ??  In other words, "behind the pay wall only".  Are the discussions in the pay areas just as foul and uncivil as they are out in the free sections?  I find that very, very hard to believe.

You are right, we all have people that we simply don't want to see.  I apparently have people that really hate me, and I'm actually a pretty reasonable person.  But every so often, "someone" sweeps through my profile and reports a big batch of comments using totally false excuses for how they violate this rule or that.  And, since SA moderation is automated somehow (I'm convinced there is never any investigation), the comments all get deleted.  It's infuriating.  Anyway, having a basic "block" feature would eliminate a lot of this nonsense.

I'm also convinced that my "stalkers" are in my follower list.  But I can't remove them.  Why can't I manage that for myself?

Under review


The idea wouldn't be to allow this feature only for paywalled articles. The idea would be to allow it across the website, but only for paying subscribers. 

We are still working on the details. 




I would like to add my voice to those saying that they would like to exclude certain authors from the article list.  Just like you have a Follow list for those authors that you want to see, you should have an Exclude list that filters out any articles written by authors that you don't want to see.  

How Do I block someone


Hi All,

Just want to update with some exciting news. We will be releasing comprehensive "Mute" functionality in the coming weeks. PRO subscribers will be able to mute an unlimited number of people and non-subscribers will be able to mute up to 3 people. PRO will also split into two pricing tiers which will make PRO more affordable for many users. 

The mute functionality will apply to article feeds, emails, comments, and StockTalks.

Stay Tuned!


Hi All,

I'm happy to announce that the new "Muting" functionality is now live! PRO subscribers can mute an unlimited number of people and non-subscribers can mute up to 3 people. 

Muting applies to email alerts, article feeds, comments and StockTalks. For example, if you mute a specific author, you won't get an email when they publish an article on a stock in your portfolio. You also won't see their articles on dashboards, quote pages, and on your portfolio page. Their comments and StockTalks will also be hidden.

The "Mute" button appears on the top of articles, on profile pages, and in the comment streams. You can manage the users you have muted by clicking your user menu, going to "Settings" and then select "Edit" under "Muting"

Try it out and let us know what you think.




Is there a reason that non-subscribers can only mute three?  Or is this in alignment to your new policy where you alienate your users in a vain attempt to force them to pay for pro? Making researching new stocks completely impossible on your platform by making all articles over 10 days old only available to pro subscribers is sure to draw new users.  You have destroyed your competitive advantage by trying to force your users to pay.  For a social media platform, you do not know the history of social media very well.  One can only hope you correct this mistake before your site just fades into memory or is just replaced by another site with exactly the same concept that doesn't have the audacity to charge it's main assets (it's users) for general access. 

Well done with the 'mute' - though it really should be called block.

So why do author's I have block/muted still show up in 'recommended for you' sections?

I would not call that a 'comprehensive' fix.

Great catch, We will fix that ASAP.


Yes the ability to block articles from selected authors would be a great feature.  Some I have no interest yet they are prolific and only get in the way of the articles that are of interest or may be of interest.  


I'm still getting push notifications to the app for articles by authors I've muted. These are daily notifications which clutter my feed. Is there another way around this?


This feature appears to be broken this morning - an author I have muted article is showing up in my portfolio feed. This feature was working fine until this morning.