Allan Andersen

Hi! SA

SA is a key website to me and I would love to have less websites to rely on to get my data. Dates and times can be difficult due to we have different format around the world.

June 7 2019 will look very different across of the world:
In Sweden we use: yyyy-mm-dd 2019/06/07

Larger part of Europe dd-mm-yyyy 07/06/2019

US use mm-dd-yyyy 06/07/2019

This is really confusing and very easy to do mistake. I wish all dates and times are based on my country settings which I can specify in setttings.

Thanks for listering.

//Allan, Sweden

Francis Martens

I got the same problem - just read an article posted on 2/3/21 - is this March 2, 21 or Feb 3, 21
is it possible to adapt the data format into something like 2/MAR/21 to avoid any confusion?