I wanted to reset my password (which I forgot) you sent me a link that lets me enter my account, but I still can't change the password because I don't recall the original.

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yes I can’t reset my password either after 100 tries 

Very aggravating 

Andriy Kubyk


In order to change your password without knowing your current one:

  1. Open Seeking Alpha in another browser
  2. Click on Sign In button
  3. In Member sign in section press on "Forgot your password?" button
  4. Type in email that you have used during registration and press Submit button
  5. Check your email for letter from account@seekingalpha.comwith title Choose a "New Seeking Alpha Password" (if you cant find it in your inbox, please check your Spam folder)
  6. Follow a link from this letter
  7. Set a new password

Please let us know if you still have issues

Doug Keeling

The instructions do not work for me.  I can't get signed out; hence, I can't sign in to reset my password.  I would like to cancel my account and start anew.  Can I do that?  If so, how?