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Notification Sign UP PopUp Problem

bes 10 months ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 10 months ago 1

I get all the mobile alerts and emails.  Yet when I link to articles on my PC I get an obnoxious popup "Subscribe to Seeking Alpha notifications ...".  I am logged in on my PC.  You know who I am, and that I already get notifications.

Why must I get this big obnoxious banner on the page I am trying to read.  Please make it go away.  I have already signed up!  I don't want to say no thanks, because I don't want to be unsubscribed from the notifications that I have.  AND I do not want to subscribe and get more copies of the notifications that I already get.  Maybe that's not what would happen, but there is nothing on the popup that explains what would happen when one is logged in and already signed up.

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You can click "No thanks" and it will not remove any of your existing alerts. This is an opt-in for browser based notifications.