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Go back to format where you can look at new articles by sector -- energy - healthcare - technology -etc. This was one of SA's best features - NOW GONE!!!!

Podwad 8 months ago updated by rochroch 2 months ago 2

Been reader of SA for years and subscribe to some paid services.   VERY  VERY disappointed when you changed headers and where we could check by sector for articles   - NOW YOU CANNOT   The ability to look at articles in Energy - Healthcare - tewch  -- etc was so helpful and you could find area you needed quickly.  Now you cannot.  PLEASE put back the ability to go to Analysis and find the articles by sectors instead of having to go through long list as investment ideas - long and others.  Your change hurts your readers and your customers  -- Please put back feature allowing articles bt sectors!!!! 

Under review

Thank you for this feedback about access to sector coverage in the navigation.

Based on your feedback, we're going to add back the link to the sector coverage page (probably in the Stock Ideas section). 

In the meantime, you can access sector coverage directly via this page, which you can bookmark:

You can also find direct links to all the individual sectors on the site map here:

Thank you again for your feedback, and for helping us to make Seeking Alpha more valuable!

where is my feed of favs authors article. I do not like your new format.