My profile will not update and a red box apprears around the words.

RoseNose 11 months ago updated by underlabs-app-developers 2 months ago 16

I discovered it was showing me words it did not like, things like healthcare and communications....so I fixed those, but is one crazy word checking system. 

Mine as well. At the bottom of the edit box it says: "Invalid words [ bet | cat | cum | date ]" Not sure why those are invalid except for one - "cum" is part of the word "accumulate." I don't have that specific word in there anyplace.

I am not able to save my profile, after updating it.   Does not take even if the changes are only one keystroke. Same message about Invalid words!!!   Obviously the program is broken.  I have sent two messages to the help desk.  Absolutely NO response.

It also gave me cat/ car/ and pc as invalid words.   I finally figured out it does not like Healthcare and I had to remove the word care because it had car in it....goofy...stuff.  So my profile now does not contain those type of combinations.   The ticker TCPC had to be written out.  

"So my profile now does not contain those type of combinations."

You are far more dedicated than I. I'm just sticking a message at the bottom of each blog post that my profile is not correct.

I hope they fix this broken feature.

RoseNose  --  same problem ... 


Hello everyone, We have identified all the issues, and we will notify you when they are fixed.

Hi all, Please check if you can update your profiles. There are some words that we still block. Please check and reply if it works or not. If it doesn't, please mention the invalid words.

the word labs for some reason is blocked (everywhere including urls?)

I just updated mine. No issues, was coming to this thread to mention it. Thanks for fixing this.

Thank you for fixing the problem.  Works just fine now.  :)) Rose

can you look into this, I cannot update my profile , decodingmarkets.com invalid word 'deco'

@SA Admin It is also blocking the word Insurance for some reason. Can this be added to the list of words to fix? Thank you

@SA Admin pls resolve Design word.....its having the same problem.....Thank You.


Hi admin, please resolve the invalid word pc. Thanks