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need to change email address

anonymous 3 years ago updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 3 years ago 4

I have tried to change my eMail address and it does not go through. Server does not send notification to my new email address.

I also tried to change some details on my profile and that does not work. It does not change anything after you press save.

It looks like this website has been dead or has died now!

Please wake up we need you!

Under review


We are currently experiencing some server issues which likely explains your issues here. They will hopefully be resolved soon.

I'm also attempting to change my email address, as my current one will fail to work in a month or so. When attempting to make the change, I enter the new address, and it responds "Email has already been taken" and thus doesn't accept the change. Possibly this is related to the referenced server issues, but if not, please advise. 


Our server issues are resolved. I'll reach out directly via email to find out what other account you're trying to use as it sounds like you may have previously signed up with that account.