Links to the posts in market place subscription

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I subscribe few Market Place services. Today when we access inside the MP service the link "recent posts" it does show just the exclusive post. In general I want to see all post. Is it possible to access all the post of the MP author instead of just the exclusive inside the MP service?

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Thanks so much for this feedback. Currently, the best way to do this, is to click the author name at the top of the service which will open the author profile page. You can then access the author's content from the public website as well.

Just curious- what type of content is being posted on the public website but unavailable inside the Marketplace service? Would you like to see this changed?

Abelardo Fraga
Thank you for your response.
Let's take the example of FIG ideas's:

When inside the Market Place service I see the following posts:

But the author have many other posts: