With what you did today with Ads blocking old article comments

John Beardslee 8 months ago in Website updated by SA Eugene Kovalchuk 5 months ago 10

Jeff Bezos would fire the product guy(s) immediately.

You call it a focus on the user that's provide value? Add new functionality if you want people to subscribe!


Under review


Apologies that you are experiencing a poor user experience.

Please can you share a screenshot of this occurring, so that I can have someone from the team here look at it immediately.

Many thanks in advance,

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations

Seeking Alpha


He's referring to the non-dismissable "This article is exclusive to PREMIUM subscribers" ad plastered on the comments section of we've read and commented on. Users, who have been conducting conversations in the comments, are now blocked from those conversations unless they're premium users.  This is an unannounced change in policy.  And, more importantly, it reduces the value in your platform and will drive away the very users SA is attempting to convert to paying, Premium customers.  Not smart.

Don't believe this item is me.  I just don't want any more of this type of post.  Don't know what it is

called so I can't turn it off.  Please do it for me.  Thanks


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The issue is fixed - you should be able to continue the conversation on commented articles.

Ok, thanks. Was it an issue or an A/B testing from your side?

@SA Admin Amitai Richman, this bug is not fixed. Comment thread is not viewable after 10 days. You have removed my access to my own content contributions. 

Hi, Qniform!

Could you please post a link to an article, where comments are not shown for you? And specify what operating system and browser you are using.

@SA Eugene Kovalchuk heres one: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4320791-3m-fits-perfectly-dividend-reinvestment-plan#comment-84105007. The comments do not load, but there is no "subscription pop up" either. I already posted the screen shot in the other feedback thread. My OS is Win 10 Ver 1909. Browser is Firefox Ver 73.0.1.

@Qniform Thank you for providing additional details.

We have tried to replicate an issue at several workstations with Win 10 and Firefox browser, but in our tests comments always have been shown. Probably worth to mention that sometimes with slow internet connection comments were loaded with notable delay.

In order to exclude potential impact of any browser extensions and/or specific browser settings and/or cached data impact I would suggest trying to open an article in different browser, preferably using incognito mode, in order to verify whether comments will be properly shown. It goes without saying that you need to be logged with your account.

@Qniform It was identified that Ublock Origin extension causes the issue, you have described above. If you are using this or other content filtering extension, it is most probably the root cause of the issue.