You are blocking access to comments for anyone not a Premium subscriber

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While I realize you are attempting to make as much money as possible, blocking people from reading the comments or making comments to articles that we read months ago and have been conversing on for months is going to destroy your clientele and you will never get new subscribers.  There is a cost benefit to where the line should be drawn and cutting off everyone is stupid.  If we have no reason to come to SA as a non-premium user then the term premium is a lie.  There is no usage for anything other than premium makes premium just a basic fee for access.  SA is hardly the only place and beginning to be the worst place to read and comment on market news.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Block all access and block all potential.

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The non-skippable popup is just awful. Worse, it ALSO blocks any access to the nav menu at the top, you have to refresh and click on something else before the popup comes back.

I don't know what moron thought it was a good idea, but they need fired.


@A Hettinger,  SA is of the opinion apparently, that they can force users into paying for premium and/or they think that punishing people is a way to get more business!  FOOLS they are!!

Click on your favorite authors and send a note to each one telling them of this fiasco and maybe they will have some influence over SA since this new policy will destroy the ability of authors to make as much as before and will vastly decrease the number of comments on articles quickly.

Hope we can start a revolution and get SA to rethink their policies.  


flintstone277, I am in total agreement with your take on this.  I, like others, will certainly be using this site less, so less eyeballs viewing the advertisers.  I hope their premium viewer revenue outweighs the loss from the ad revenue.


Will definitely lead to less comments in articles, lessening the experience for current premium users, maybe making them question why they are paying to be premium.

I would pay maybe $5 a month for greater access, but no more than that.


SA why are you still notifying us that there are new comments for old articles if it is IMPOSSIBLE to access or read or respond.  STUPID ASS POLICY!!

I guess they don't want people to use the SA platform any more.  I expect they're going to get what they want in that regard.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The issue is fixed - you should be able to continue the conversation on commented articles. 

NOT EXACTLY,  your LONG RUNNING SCRIPTS are keeping the website from loading.  I have screaming hot fast computer with a SSD and 5G internet and the website just sits there and grinds away.  TOO MUCH junk loading on the page.  If it ever does load and I click on an article, I can't get back to the homepage because of all the LONG RUNNING SCRIPTS.  SA is just poorly run.