Need a way to block the commentary from certain annoying (and prolific) readers.

David Fields 2 years ago in Website • updated by Shane Milburn 2 years ago 3

Certain commenters are very prolific and repetitive; responses to any counter argument is either ignored by said commenter or given an almost word-for-word repetition of a previous comment, including unsupported links to charts and other irrelevant data. This particular commenter is so prolific and so annoying that I simply no longer want to see anything from this individual, no matter what they say.


Yeah,have the same problem.But SA does not give a rat's ass.been begging to be able to block other posters for months.Time to move on to better sites I guess.


I've supported a feature like this in the past and want to express support again.  I don't understand SA's reluctance to not enable us to better self-curate the commenters we see.


Just to followup.  I hadn't read many SA articles in a while - I mainly read the conference calls - but investing boards I've been a part of have a strong tendency to fill with sniping political content unrelated to company performance and that tends to run off users interested in investing.  I'm concerned that is happening at SA, and it is causing me to read comments less and unfollow threads in which I have interest.  The thing is - there are some really smart and insightful comments - but I ask SA to let me turn off the unhelpful commenters.