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Since 2 weeks, a PopUp with advertisements take place every 2 min.
(URL of the PopUp: google.com-win-iphone.verygoodmedias.com)

The advertisment is written in german language and tells you, that you have won 500 Euro or a Galaxy7 and you have to push the ok button to get it. If you push the close button you will redirected to a website with simple questions.

(URL of this Website: google.com-win-iphone.goodgoodman.com).

It seems that this PopUp is a stowaway of the normal advertisement which you show on your main site.

Can you stop this typ of advertising. It makes your site not longer usable.

If you like, if can send you some screenshots.



Hello Div,

My name is John Eckert and I handle issues like this for Seeking Alpha.  Thank you for bring this to our attention. If you can, please email  screenshots, your location (country should be enough), the device (PC or Mac)  and browser information. My direct email address is jeckert@seekingalpha.com

This information will help us solve the issue quickly.

Thank you,

John Eckert



Multiple ads now cover content at the bottom of the page when reviewing a SA article.  I've "reported this ad" via google feedback on multiple occasions but feel it necessary to contact SA directly.  Ad content is covering the bottom of every article now.  When on my mobile, I am unable to see the content at all because it covers completely.  It is getting so annoying that I am preparing to cut ties with SA and just follow my favorite bloggers at their direct forums rather than through SA.  I hope that you are able to address this.  There is clearly a new setting that has been placed onto your advertising that is causing this and can be removed.





Thank you for reaching out and I completely understand your frustrations.

We would not allow advertising that covers content or outside of the regular ad unit positions. It looks like you may have adware/malware on your device. This actually happened to me when I typed in seekngalpha.com in error and the page there downloaded a malicious program to my machine. I ran MalwareBytes and it did not detect any malware, however I then checked my programs for recently updated/downloaded programs and it was hiding in a fake download for a well known meeting program. I removed that and I no longer saw these ads.

That being said, do you have a screen shot of this happening on Seeking Alpha? so that I can make sure that none of our advertising partners are violating our partnership terms.

Thanks again,

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations

Seeking Alpha