i am not a robot issue


I often highlight and mark up various Seeking Alpha articles in order to better analyze & understand them. I do this by creating a pdf file that I can review onscreen (as opposed to a hard copy paper print-out).

Utilizing a Print-to-File function in Chrome or Firefox to get a pdf file WILL NOT create a Seeking Alpha pdf file that can be highlighted or marked-up using Adobe Reader or Foxit (I use Foxit).  To get a pdf file that CAN be so utilized, I use PrintFriendly to create the pdf.  One simply copies and pastes the browser path (I use Chrome) on the article into PrintFriendly and download the pdf, which can then be highlighted and marked up in Foxit. Sounds complicated, but it actually is quite efficient and only takes a few seconds.

Just recently (last week or two), when I copy and paste the Seeking Article path into PrintFriendly, and have PrintFriendly then create a pdf file, the file created has the Seeking Alpha header and article name, but the body text is "I am not a Robot" language, NOT the article body text.  This is not a PrintFriendly issue, since the pdf header is the appropriate Seeking Alpha verbiage.

I am surmising that somehow something is embedded in the path or or in the article itself that is causing PrintFriendly to read different text than the article text itself.

Also, PrintFriendly does not do this for all Seeking Alpha articles, just some (random it would seem).

I have tried using PrintFriendly in both Chrome and Firefox, and have made sure all javascript and cookie settings are turned on for Seeking Alpha. Doesn't seem to matter. 

I realize this is probably an issue that not a lot of Seeking Alpha users have, but if anyone has any thoughts on how to fix it, they would be much appreciated.