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I can't see ANY comments under ANY articles. What did I go? What SHOULD I do? Thanks!

KeepAtIt 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 2

I used to see all the comments under the articles.  They were very helpful to me.  Then I noticed that SOME of the articles indicating there were comments didn't display any.  For 8 months or more, I've not seen ANY comments under ANY articles. What did I do? What SHOULD I do?  Other readers in the Feedback Forum have the same issue, but their feedback is Under Review. 

Under review


It looks like you are using Internet Explorer. Can you try using a different browser such as Google Chrome, Edge, or Firefox?

Also, in Internet Explorer, after loading the article page, you can hit the F12 key, click "Console" and let us know what you see there (screenshot is best). For example:

Firefox works!  YES!!!   Thank you!
Chrome = no
Edge = no
IE = no   (screenshot below)