Need a Brief Description of the Company's Business

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I have nothing but compliments for SA.  I am a technical trader and I scan for several technical situations then research the symbols.  I start with Yahoo finance and then go to gurufocus and SA.  I just started my subscription to SA Premium and have been happy with it with the exception that i still must go to Yahoo finance to find out what the business does, what industry and sector it is in.  I did cancel Gurufocus but ended up not saving as much time as I hoped for. The businesss description, industry and sector may be something only available to Premium subscribers.  I would think that information can easily be obtained somewhere for a reasonable price.

Keep up the good work.

Turk Tergliafera


Thanks  I never looked there.

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Thank you Turk for sharing your trading process and the compliments. The brief overview is available for all the stocks we cover and it is free of charge for everyone. You can find it here: Stock symbol --> Key Data --> Overview

Here it is for Micron: https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/MU/overview

Good luck!