Rename "Comments" area to "The Peanut Gallery"


To whom it may concern,

After several years of reading and even offering my own comments to articles, I believe it would be accurate to rename the "Comments" area to "The Peanut Gallery"

I reach this conclusion due to several factors:

For starters, the comments tend to be dominated by a small portion of individuals.  These persons rarely offer a differing opinion than the one found in previous comments, and yet, they continue unabated with every new article published on the site.

Second, there is a sense in which the comments area offers more entertainment than useful information, even if the intent of the commenters is to inform others.  While I may reach for the notepad during the article reading, it's the popcorn for which I reach while I read the comments.

Last, but certainly not least, is the camaraderie that is generated amongst site visitors within the comments area.  This "vox populi" effect that closely resembles the "blind leading the blind" is the strongest of the reasons by which I felt the need to submit this idea.

I sincerely hope this renaming can occur, as I believe it will bring the community closer together, while simultaneously creating a greater sense of trust between Seeking Alpha and readers.

Thanks very much and happy holidays,