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sspencer 7 months ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 7 months ago 1

(1) give subscribers a means to contact you directly.   (2) I again request you either stop sending me earnings  previews, or give me a means to opt out - and do not include them in 'pre-market summary'.  (3)  Your inclusion of bar charts of analyst upgrades/downgrades is a horrible waste of space - please stop.

Under review


Thanks for the valuable feedback. Allow me to respond to each point:

1. As a paying subscriber, you can access support here:

2. Earnings previews are considered a type of news in our system and there's currently no way to remove them without turning off news alerts completely. If you only want analysis alerts and not news you can edit that in Advanced mode here: https://seekingalpha.com/account/edit_stocks . The pre-market summary will show all analysis and news. News was actually just added recently to that email. 

3. By "bar charts" do you mean the indication if a rating has been upgraded or downgraded in your portfolio? Can you expand on why you don't find it valuable?


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha