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Incorrect Author Name Displayed When submitting article to SA

ThaDreadPirate 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 3

I recently changed my username on SA and have never written an article on SA before.  When I go to the contributor center to start writing my first article, my username that is displayed as the author for the article is incorrect.  How can this be fixed and updated to reflect my new username? Thanks!

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You can update your requested author name here on step #2 :


No you cannot.  Here is a screenshot of step #2. There is no place where you can update your author name.  It shows a preview of what my author name and picture will look like, at the bottom of the screenshot but instead of "ThaDreadPirate" it displays my previous username when I actually go to write my article. Try it yourself.  Change your username and then try to write an article: It will not have your username updated. Please advise on how I can fix this or provide a screenshot with an explanation of where you can update the author name.

Again, there is not a place in step #2 to update the author name. The preview in step #2 you provided is not reflected when going to write the article. My current updated username is "ThaDreadPirate" but my author name shows up as my previous username "Dr. Ten Bagger" when I go to write an article.  Here is the screenshot of when I go to write my article: