people tab changes

Sanjay "John" 2 years ago updated by SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago 1

I think yo have messed up the People tabs, this one https://seekingalpha.com/account/people/latest

It is now showing the article headline, the article writer, the news clip writer, news headline BEFORE and in bigger letters than the people I am following..which is not what the People tab was designed to do? It is now the same mess as the other tabs..on this tab you need to mention FIRST AND FOREMOST the person I am following, the last version was fine, but now again you seem to have gone backwards here, missing the whole point of the People tab, where you are interested in what the person you are following says, and after that the article, etc. where they commented. Also, the link to the exact comment has been removed, this is bad too. Basically you have ruined a perfectly good People tab..maybe bring back the previous version. I am viewing this on desktop using Chrome.


Hi Sanjay, Thanks so much for your feedback.  What we are attempting to do here is to roll up all comments per person whom you follow, per article, so they are not scattered throughout the feed like they were before.  So, if you are interested in the article, you can expand and see all of that person's comments. I do agree that the dark font for the article headline is distracting and we are working on alternative designs.  We will also be restoring the direct link to the comment inside the article.