I am not a robot

appyface 7 months ago in Website updated by privately 1 month ago 2

Just started coming past week or two.  I click on article in email notification, new browser tab launches, page title "Access to this page has been denied."  Once I get past "I am not a robot" challenge, it doesn't happen again even if I close the browser.  It returns after Nightly updates, which it does, well, nightly.  No adblocker.  Cookies and javascript are enabled.  I use Firefox Nightly x64, current version is 73.oa1.  

The problem continues.  2 blocks within the last hour 5/19/20,  Contributors should be livid.  As a consumer, I am simply developing other avenues to pursue my interests.

This has gotten worse. Almost every time I come to SA, it pops up the robot verification page, but now it won't even show the actual verification link, so I am just locked out. Took me a whole bunch of gymnastics to even be able to get to a page where I could post this comment.