How to get out of moderation???

Robert 7809591 1 year ago • updated by Technosemi 11 months ago 2

I have tried emailing moderation@seekingalphacom many times and get no response The contributor I thought might have reported me because I questioned his ability to pick stocks due to his young age insists he did nothing. This is ridiculous. I think the Chinese government is more open than SA. Is anybody there?? Anybody at all??


So its been now about 5 months and I am still in moderation. How can one hold a conversation when comments can take an hour or more to post??


I identify totally with you.  In my case, there is no legitimate reason for my posts to have to be "approved."  This is treating members like they are children who are told to sit in a corner.

Also, each post is supposed to be answered by a Seeking Alpha member - that appears to be a lie, as no one responded to your post at all.