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chat problems on premium sites

7603651 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

The Chat box is stuck over on the right-hand part of the screen.  Won't drag and clicking on it just makes it drop to the bottom.  Using the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom does not help either. When I get off the premium pages by clicking the "Seeking Alpha" tab, the scroll bar works properly and I can access the chat.  But when I'm on one of my two premium sites, the scroll bar does not move the page.  This is the case for both Chrome and Edge.

Same with FireFox.

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Are you using a very narrow screen? We are working on a fix which will improve the experience for users with very narrow screens. Until then, does using https://seekingalpha.com/account/chat help?

Yes, it helped my issue.  Horizontal scroll works from that page, which allows me to see the chat.  How do I access that page from the premium sites?  Thanks, Daniel.

Click the "Chat" link at the top left of your screen:

The problem is that I cannot see the Chat button when I'm on either of the my two premium sites.  It's off the screen on the right side.The horizontal scroll bar does not help--it doesn't move the black bar that has the "Chat" button on it. So I can't click on it. When I get out of the premium sites and get on the Seeking Alpha free pages, I can do it.  On those pages, the horizontal scroll bar moves the black bar, and I can click the "Chat" button.

Not sure why the scroll bar does not function properly from the Premium pages.  That seems to be the issue.

Daniel, my issue has been resolved.  Can now access Chat from premium sites.  Thanks.