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Add the full International Stock Tickers to their US ADR / OTC Tickers

MFITZ 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 3

Seeking Alpha articles are picked up on sites all over the world.  However it rarely gets picked up or linked with for International Stocks.  Because of the scale of US ADRs (including OTC stocks), a huge amount of International Stocks are covered on SA, however because SA only quotes their US ADR ticker (or OTC ticker), they don't get picked up by sites all over the world. You should just add the domestic ticker for all the ADR / OTC international SA stocks, and your traffic / links will increase materially (as you have hundreds of ADR / OTC stocks that have been extensively covered by SA authors) - you can check it on the 4 traders site.

Example.  You have British Land plc - a massive UK REIT.  SA has several large articles on British Land but they rarely appear as links on UK sites (while the SA US stocks do appear as links in these UK sites).  You use the British Land OTC ticker BTLCY on SA (which almost nobody, nor any site, recognises).  If you also added the UK ticker for British Land, BLND.L, then your SA articles would get immediately picked up on UK sites.   

You have the same for Greek stock Folli Follie.  You use its US OTC ticker (which nobody knows), but don't also quote its Greek ticker, FFGRP.AT, which would light up on the web.

hope this helps.


Excellent comment. I agree with you. Would like to receive a response from SA.

In my opinion, SA focuses on US stocks, and some ADRs. In my experience, here in Israel, people investing on stocks or dividend stocks love only US stocks. Sometimes they hold ADRs of stocks from Europe. They say that there is no enough information about non-US stocks.

I would like to use SA for international domestic stock markets from all around the world. I understand that is very complicated because SA takes the information from YAHOO or MORNING STAR maybe. 

Maybe we can help to build and add the data to the international stocks. Sometimes people contact directly the companies and receive, for example, the history of dividend payments of the stock. You have this website https://dividata.com/ but they work only with US stocks.

Hope i have been clear enough.

Excellent job SA group.

Under review


We are strongly considering adding international coverage in the near future. Stay tuned!