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Earnings call transcripts display--expand all to a full view !!

beabaggage 3 years ago in Website updated 3 years ago 2

When you click into an earnings call transcript, it displays 1st of several pages.. then you have to click "  Single Page View  to get the whole transcript...

this is annoying.. the 1st page usually is just hello, welcome, who is on the call.. no real meat or substance.. so almost always you are going to click  Single Page View to get the info and find out what was said on the call

This gets SA a few clicks and ad displays! but for an investor again it is just a pain.  Yahoo displays the whole call and I can just read it there in one page.. please review showing the whole transcript from the get-go

.. Thanx.  Bea

Under review


Thanks so much for your feedback. We will take this into consideration as we further try to improve Seeking Alpha.