How do I delete my account?

Derek McLeish 3 years ago updated by dougdelap 2 years ago 8

Others are waiting also, takes 7 days tell me how to delete my account?


Hi Derek,

To deactivate your account, simply email websupport@seekingalpha.com .

My main reason for leaving is the ad for an adblocker. No way to go back to the page I was on. Makes the site unusable.


Just curious- what's the reason for wanting to delete vs simply unsubscribing from all emails and simply not using the site anymore?

Hi Daniel,  I would like to delete my account, not merely deactivate it.  Is there a way to do that? 

I want to delete for the simple reason that I no longer use my account.



Can I have my account deleted as soon as possible.  I checked the site but there did not appear to be an option to delete.  Thanks, William Celline



There is currently no way to delete your account. We are working on this feature and it should be available in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can remove all subscriptions here: seekingalpha.com/account/unsubscribe_from_all. You can also change your email address and username to anything you want which will disassociate your account from yourself.




I love your site,but now must delete not only my account but all of my comments on SA blogs.I tried deleting my comments but they would not delete.Do my comments disappear if I delete account.If not how do I go about it.Is there someone I could talk to on S.A. personally to delete comments!

i can't access my portfolio or look at notifications since I downloaded the new version on May 20> how can that be corrected?