Summary of Akram Razor's short thesis on Invitae


His entire short thesis and podcase can be summarized as follows.

Hmmm.. I Akram Bakram don't know what this company does... People are comparing them to Amazon... so I need to look into it. I looked into it.. Believe me...I suddenly remembered Theranos... I am smoking pot now... Hmmm.. I tapped into my own network that no one else knows who my network people are.... my own network called me an idiot.... and I did take the time to think Hmmm. I can't short Theranos and decided to write a short BS thesis on Invitae... I actually am ignorant of anything related to genetic testing... so I am telling the world to short this becuase I personally don;t understand their business model...and Hmmm.. I am fellow idiot James who agrees with me... and BTW we are long on their competetor Myriad ... so my recommendation is to short NVTA.... Oh... let me release a podcast telling the world how unclear and confused I am...