Contributor Payment Issue

Miles White 3 years ago in Website updated by 77777 3 years ago 2

I have $253 available to cash out, well above the $100 limit. Whenever I attempt to cashout, I am not able to. Below is the issue I am having:

1. Went to contributor center (all good)

2. Clicked on "Payment Details" (all good)

3. Filled out personal information (1/3, all good)

4. Filled out Banking Information (2/3, all good)

5. Filled out W2 (3/3, all good)

After this point, I hit next thinking the payment should process. Instead, SA brings me to the "Compose an Article" page, asking if you would like to post an exclusive, nonexclusive or blog. I have tried this on multiple computers over a series of 3 weeks. Will I ever get paid for my articles?

Hi Miles - the contributors team will contact you directly to assist.

I'm looking for a refund from canceling a subscription that I never received. Can SA contact me directly?