Constantly having to sign into my account every single time.

scottpowers111 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by Joshua McReynolds 2 years ago 9

Title says it all. Please address or I’ll just delete the app. Nobody has time for this.


sign in every time is nonsense...plus poor customer service to address this issue makes one want to eliminate seeking alpha all together.

signed in at least 15 times in last half hour; one click to a new page, and I am signed out again; please fix!

Hello scottpowers111,

Thanks for your note.

Confirming this issue has been resolved and should not be causing you issues anymore.

Please let us know if it persists.



I'm having the same issue. Just started today. Please fix

Hi mo2dafo,

Is this happening on the app or via the browser. How soon after you sign in is it kicking you out?

please just cancel any Memberships, I may have as I cannot access any of them... sorry

Browser, as soon as SA opens

i can't even get to an app or website, for you at Seeking Alpha.... so Please Cancel everything I have any Memberships too.