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1) I received an email titled "Last chance to continue receiving our new daily mail".  What could that possibly mean?  I opened it and there was nothing the email mentioned that I needed to do.  Instead, it started with "It’s been a while since you’ve visited us. Are you still interested in the stock market?"  which is a lie, as I visit SA almost daily AND I post comments often.  It is an outright lie that "it's been a while", and I don't like cheap marketing tricks being used to get attention.

I replied to the email in anger; as I said, I HATE CHEAP MARKETING TRICKS.  I received no reply to my reply.

2) I just went to check my favorite author, The Heisenberg, and I get only half a page of his article, with a button that says [Continue with Free Trial].  No explanation.  No link to what "Free Trial" is supposed to mean. Is that some "subtle" way to communicate that you expect me to pay to read an article someone wrote for free?

What's all this crap going on?  New management at SA?  New greedy bean counters at the helm?  Typical managers who think they are super-clever with their lies and marketing tricks?

How would you rate the customer service you received?

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Thank you for the clear answer, and putting up with my ire.

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SA Admin Amitai Richman
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Thank you for the question. Regarding #1: This email was intended for users who have not been on the site for a while. Apologies for inadvertently and mistakenly including you in this audience. It was a glitch in our data system.

Regarding #2: When The Heisenberg posts a new article it is typically free for everyone for the first 10 days. Afterwards that it is typically reserved for PREMIUM & PRO+ subscribers. I assume it was this kind of content you were trying to access. 

Regarding what the button 'free trial' is "supposed to mean" - clicking on the button provides more details about the subscription plan. For more information about the different plans you can, if you choose, click/go here:

This is not a new policy - it was implemented more than a year ago. 

Hope this answered your questions. 


Thank you, and I apollogize for my ire.  It seemed like a conflagration of suspicious things to me.

Glad I was wrong.