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How to find the latest comments on an article from the previous ones.

User 12150651 3 years ago updated by gunther badoo 2 years ago 2

After updating an article, the latest comments are inspersed with the previous ones. Is there a way to point the latest comments easily?

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If you click on "Track Comments" at the top of the comment stream (or have made a comment) you will get notifications on the site (i.e. a red bubble on the top navigation) when new comments are made. Click on the notification and it will bring you to the latest comment and allow you to easily navigate to every new comment.

The problem with the whole "tracking comments" idea is that without a paid subscription, the comments become inaccessible after a certain, rather short period. If I have commented or asked a question on one of the articles, I want at least to be able to see if there are comments on my comment or answers to my question. I don't mind so much losing access to the original article. It seems rather greedy of SA to set things up this way.