"sticky" articles


Hi there, 

There is some information that, while useful, needs to be repeated over and over again by authors or tend to get asked about a lot in the comment stream. 

I was thinking that there could be some mechanism available to authors, similar to a sticky note in a forum that they could link in to cover their bases on this type of info. 

As an example, we see this a lot with Canadian dividend stocks where US investors, of course, want info on the tax treatment of the dividends. 

So if there was a "sticky" article that goes over all the information about the tax treaty, treatment in retirement accounts, claiming foreign tax credits, etc, then the author could simply link it at the top saying something like: US Investors - For more info on the tax treatment of Canadian dividend stocks click here".

Anyway, I think it would save authors some time and provide a useful resource to pass to people in the comment streams.