chatroom down again?

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How come when I feedback you about the chatroom being down you respond that its fixed and up and running?  When it is not really ever foxed for over a month.  And why not be honest with your users and tell them there is an issue:

Image 17932

Do you think its disengenuous when you say it is all operational and its really not?  And you tell us its all fixed and working when its not?  Why do maintenance during the day when market is open.  Im not trying to throw stones here, but a little common sense says dont do anything to bring the chatroom down during the stock market trading hours.  

SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman
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Thanks for the message. I don't think we've properly updated that page, we're checking on it. Regarding chat, we upgraded it over the long weekend, which we thought might address the recent stability issues we've been having. That doesn't appear to have solved it, unfortunately. We're doing everything we can to address this and get chat into the long-term stable situation it needs to be for you and other members.