You asked me to take a survey for a $25 Visa card. I answered some questions and the survey said thank you but didn’t offer me the $25 card. That is a fraudulent, deceptive practice. I expect you to send me the card.

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Seeking Alpha Deceptive Practices


received that too


Just received the same email.  Is it real or spam?


Same thing. Filled out the survey and got nothing. 



From all of us at Seeking Alpha, thank you for your participation in the survey, as well as your continued loyalty to Seeking Alpha.  Just wanted to give everyone here a heads up that an e-mail explanation will be sent out this evening.  

monkey see

received email from Kevin towel which says  we’ll get $25 card if we “successfully completed” the survey. As A lawyer I have a problem. With that.  I don’t know what that means. It also bothers me that  after I filled out the survey. SA  sent me another  request to fill out the  survey.

I don’t know if we would have gotten  any response if I hadn’t emailed their legal department. I’d like to know right now whether or not.   I “ successfully completed” the survey and also a time frame  for when receive the ecard.

This is the most unprofessional survey I’ve ever seen.