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Seeking Alpha Failure to End Trial Subscription

rmoody 3 years ago updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 3 years ago 1

I recently did a trial on Stanford Chemist and Alpha Gen. I quit following BEFORE 2 weeks of trial but I have not seen any action from Seeking Alpha ending the Trial and responding that proper termination had taken place upon my notice before the trial ended. I should have also received notification that my CC would not be charged on either one. I did an extensive attempt for a way to contact Seeking Alpha to get a straight answer but no such opportunity was apparent and I find that as unacceptable. I do have a yearly contract with High Dividend Opportunities. Your failure to provide an obvious way to terminate the TRIAL before the 2 weeks were up. 

You can get my email from Rida Morwa at High Dividend Opportunities and name used there is Rmoo plus additional letters. 

Under review


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