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Ads showing up even though I'm a paid subscriber

earthtodan 2 years ago in Android App updated by Maya Natan 2 years ago 4

Ads are showing up this morning even though my paid subscription is uninterrupted. I can't tell if it's a new revenue attempt or something is wrong with the app. I also haven't been able to like posts because it thinks I'm not logged in.

Your developers really need to focus on debugging the app rather than developing terrible new interfaces. 

What am I paying for if I'm still seeing ads? May as well cancel my subscription.

I give up. The UI is getting worse over time, longstanding bugs are going unaddressed, and now my ad free membership doesn't even work. Subscription cancelled. 

I see ads on iPad version even though I’m a paid subscriber. Fix it.

Also, earnings news is laggy on iPad.

Under review

Thank you for your message and I apologize for the inconvenience. 

From what I see, you are using an old version of the app.

Please update to the latest version. Make sure you are installing version iOS-3.10.3 / Android or later.

If you already installed the new version and the problem persists, try to log out and log in again.