Dividend Scorecard Accuracy

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Is your Dividend scorecard accurate?  I keep running into many stocks where the dividend growth doesn't match up to the dividend history.  Just one (there are many examples) example is SYY.  

You show a payout of $.90 in 2015.  The SYY website shows $1.21


I participate in the forum section here on SA for many articles. Some of the authors mention that your dividend scorecard ins't accurate.  I'm not a paying member (yet) so I guess I can't be picky but the authors mention that they often can't use the scorecard for writing their articles. 

SA Admin Daniel Hochman
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Thanks for reporting this missing dividend. We will have our data provider fix this ASAP.


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha


It appears that the calculation takes the 'frequency' (quarterly) and used that number of historical payments to sum the annual dividend.  With specialty payers, this vastly distorts the entire calculation and analysis. (see TSLX) I've seen this in many other instances as well.