Add a Notes feature to the Portfolio(s) which would enable adding note/s to each security in the portfolio list

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The portfolios list is a great feature. It would be even greater if a small notes feature would be added to enable tracking certain events that happen to a security and which the user believes are important. 

For example, I might be tracking a security and want to put my thoughts in a note(s) :

Security 1

<date> last Q  numbers look good

<date> CEO comp package is aligned w/ investors

<date> In last earnings call, ABC executive predicted that.... 

Another Security 2

<date> The company has a road show coming up in NYC

<date> They are releasing new features in 2 weeks. 

The note system can be simple (similar to this form?); or just copy any note system that is out there. DATES are very important, and should be automatic when adding a new note, or line of information. Each security would be separated and have its own Notes which are not related to another security

SA Admin Daniel Hochman
  • Under review


Thanks you so much for your valuable feedback. We will consider adding this to our portfolio tools in the near future.


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha


+1 for this one. Will be great to be able to jot a couple notes on WHY I put a stock  in my watchlist to begin with


Yes, i just signed up to seeking alpha. And this was one of first things i wanted tot do. Please consider adding this functionality.


Ditto. I'm looking for a system where I can do this. Was hoping it would be seeking alpha. I want to be able to easily track how close an equity is to my stop or buy trigger.


+1 for a notes field. I would like to use it to log my most recent valuation so that I know when to buy a stock on my watch list.


Yes, this is critical. A watchlist is made far more valuable with notes added 

by the user. I am looking at another paid service now just for this. It is a simple feature,

why not include that in one of your premium service offerings?  


Ditto:  would be most helpful!  Thanks for your consideration!


i also agree on all above